EPISODE 19: Email reply – Uni vs. Tafe?

I would love to hear your thoughts on which is better for studying graphic/communication design. Or are you a bit 50/50 like me?

Comment below or email me your thoughts nick@positive-posters.com

Here is a twitter reply from Peter Borg, a friend of mine, who thinks the same way!

More twitter feedback from @dooweeeh


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6 Responses to EPISODE 19: Email reply – Uni vs. Tafe?

  1. Mark Keevers says:


    Great topic, and very relevant right now!

    I studied a 3 year bachelor degree in design at uni, straight after leaving school. I wish (and it was recommended) that I went to TAFE for at least a year and got some hands-on, practical experience with the tools of the trade before I entered into a more conceptual, strategic level of design.

    Uni was very light on the nuts and bolts of the programs and we spent more of our time learning to be a designer, to think and stategise, not to just be a ‘doer’. Like you said, you need both the practical and the theoritical to be a great designer.

    There are fantastic TAFE to Uni pathway options for people these days in my opinion, whereby you finish your TAFE qualification (such as a diploma) at a much lower price than attending uni, and you then get advanced standing or credit into degree programs, thereby reducing your uni time and cost, but also getting 2 qualifications at a lower price within the same time frame as a degree.

    Ultimately, talent and hard work will make you succeed though.

    Disclaimer: This is my opinion and not that of my employer.

    • nickhallam says:

      Yo, I think a lot of people share your opinion on this one mark. The cost of Uni is definitively an issue for a lot of people now days.

      I love this “Ultimately, talent and hard work will make you succeed though”. I agree 4 billion%

    • nickhallam says:

      Hey Mark, I love the ending here. Talent and hard work are defiantly the things that will get you there.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Hi Nick. thank you very much for your response. It has helped me alot in figuring out what to do. still very confused but I’ll look into it abit more and see how i go.

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