Ep. 54: The Awesome List V1.1

Download the pdf. here NH_AwesomeListV1.1

1. Fill it out the night before;
2. Do the Other Tasks first;
3. If you don’t finish the Important Tasks, move them to the next day;
5. Break the Important Tasks down into smaller parts

The Awesome List V1.1

How I divide my day


About nickhallam

Creating things that I think should exist, like @positiveposters. Lover of clever ideas, dancing bare footed & freestyle rap battles.
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3 Responses to Ep. 54: The Awesome List V1.1

  1. tommiatke says:

    Looks real good mate. I have found that since Ive been keeping notes on what I need to do the next day I have been much more productive. It also feels good to cross things off that list too haha. I like the simplicity of your design for it too. You could maybe have either a separate list or another addition which could be a ‘Play’ section, meanings things related outside work possibly? Stuff for family/friends perhaps? Not sure, just a raw thought lol. Anyways, nice list!

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