EP61: Can your beer talk?

The photo: Beer, best mate and girlfriend

My origional Tweet, and the reply from Boags

Twitter: Boags Beer
Twitter: Gary Vaynerchuk
Book: Thank You Economy
Book: Crush It


About nickhallam

Creating things that I think should exist, like @positiveposters. Lover of clever ideas, dancing bare footed & freestyle rap battles.
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2 Responses to EP61: Can your beer talk?

  1. Chris Frith says:

    Hey Nick,

    Well done on the growth of the beard. Looking good mate.

    To answer your question whether or not it is good that brands can talk to us through social networks. I love the fact that now brands and businesses can talk to us individually. It is great to finally see brands having to change their marketing tactics to suit us as consumers. It is refreshing to see a brand such as Boags Beer taking this step to a better relationship with their customers.

    No longer can they sit behind a wall and tell us what to think to in order to increase sales. Now they have to work hard to create individual relationships to create a sale. It is good that now we have the power.

    No longer are we the heavy consumers, instead we are also producers and brands are going to have work around that. I don’t think that power that us as individuals is going away anytime soon.

    Thanks for all the insight and inspiring vids.
    Chris Frith

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