EP 63: For me, this start-up defines 2012

15 minutes ago I watched this video (not the one above) which was posted by Flyn Tracy (at Tractor Design School) about ‘Start-Up Weekend‘ in Toronto where I learned about a start-up that has got me majorly excited, Visualize.Me (Twitter & Facebook)

I have 2 main thoughts about this start-up:

1. This start-up is going to kill it and make lots of $$$;
2. This start up has a big chance in 2012, but what if it was 2002? 

I’ll cover the second point in more detail soon through Desktop Magazine.

About point 1, I’m excited and hopefully for this start-up. More people are learning to value and appreciate design and this company will capitalise BIG TIME on that shift.  For what it’s worth, here’s how I think and hope things pan out for them:

Best of luck to the whole team. Hope they kill it.


About nickhallam

Creating things that I think should exist, like @positiveposters. Lover of clever ideas, dancing bare footed & freestyle rap battles.
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