EP 64: Design what you do

[SORRY! I filmed a video for this, but I don’t know where it went and I just mentioned this post in an email and realised that I never published it. I’ll put a video up soon.]

In this post I talk about something that’s been catching my attention a lot lately.

How to design a home page that reflects the needs of your business model and doesn’t overwhelm your audience?

I stumbled upon Path.to earlier today and while there are many examples of sites that have got it right, this one seemed relevant.

In my opinion, the Path.to folks have ticked two boxes:

  1. Designed a home page that reflects is business model requirments;
  2. Presented just the right amount of information at one time
Below that are screen shots of the current Path.to site and a mock up I did to show you how they could have got it wrong.
Here are the other links I mentioned:
Joe Kraus Blog http://joekraus.com/your-product-describe-vs-discover
The Loop http://www.theloop.com.au/

Image 1: What the Path.to site looks like now. Good.


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