About Me

I am uncomfertable with the title/label of”entrepreneur’ because now days I feel that people throw that word around a lot.

As a kid I was fascinated by the things people did and I was good at talking to people and asking questions.

Making and building things has always seemed like the right thing to do for me. As a kid I built lemonade stands, mini in-home museums, a small business that made grinding poles for my friends who skated and as a teen tried to raise awareness for global warming through MySpace. Selling what I make is another story and not my strongest suit.

I kind of remember when making/building things wasn’t cool, but I guess it is now.

In 2009 I spent a year completeing my honors in graphic design, where I looked at The Golden Proportion, The Fibbionacci Sequence, typography design and how accident Greek philosophy related to design. While that was happening I met Matt Donnazzan and together we started Positive Posters Inc.

Starting things is not something I do because I think it’s cool, it’s something I do because it feels right and I enjoy the challenge and the journey more than anything else.

A couple of years ago I thought working really long hours was the way to ‘suceed’ (what ever that is), I’ve since gained valuable perspective and now value friends, family and fitness as highly as the things I created.

I run regularly in bare feet, drink beer even though I sometimes think I shouldn’t, love audio books and I’ve recently re-discovered bush walking (much cooler than it gets credit for). I can’t spell very well and I also have bad grammar.

Enjoy the journey.


January 25th, 2009

I’m sitting on a pile of bean bags with a beer in a tiny snow town on the North island of Japan called Niseko. Sitting next to me is my lodge manager Matt. We are getting to know each other and exploring some entrepreneurial ideas.  By the end of the night, we have decided to work together on a social project that will help people around the world better understand the global issues that affect us.

November 1st, 2009
Jump forward a few months, and the first Positive Posters competition has finished. Together with a team of volunteers, we’d worked like mad men to establish a non-profit org. called Positive Posters and had held a design competition about global social issues.

Now days (work & life)
Matt moved on and I’ve continued to develop and grow Positive Posters from the ground up. We rely heavily on social media to promote the organisation.  Our team and I have developed strong views on how businesses should run and carry themselves and we enjoy talking about and sharing our ideas.

I live to work and work to live. Few things make me happier than working on a new businesses idea. I enjoy it more than sleep, so naturally, I do more work than sleep. Finding new, creative and profitable ways to improve my own or another businesses ability to serve their community/customers gets me up in the morning.

Recently, I’ve been fortunate enough to have a few small opportunities to work with other businesses, helping them understand how to humanise their business, and why that’s important.

This list of things also make me very happy:
• My family & friends
• Beers with mates
• Surfing
• Snowboarding
• The Melbourne FC
• The beach
• Big picture talks
• Talking to other entrepreneurs
• Helvetica (A font)

If you want to chat about anything, please email or better yet, pick up the phone and call me (M: +61 417 334 055 / (03) 9420 5070) E:nick@positive-posters.com)

I’m on Twitter (@nhallam) and Facebook (facebook.com/nickhallam.fb) too.


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