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Creating things that I think should exist, like @positiveposters. Lover of clever ideas, dancing bare footed & freestyle rap battles.

EP 64: Design what you do

[SORRY! I filmed a video for this, but I don’t know where it went and I just mentioned this post in an email and realised that I never published it. I’ll put a video up soon.] In this post I … Continue reading

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EP 63: For me, this start-up defines 2012

15 minutes ago I watched this video (not the one above) which was posted by Flyn Tracy (at Tractor Design School) about ‘Start-Up Weekend‘ in Toronto where I learned about a start-up that has got me majorly excited, Visualize.Me (Twitter & Facebook) … Continue reading

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EP 62: Like a black eye on Brad Pitt

(I filmed a video with more thoughts at the bottom) “The internet is so young, it still hasn’t had sex yet.” – @garyvee In social media circles, that quote is famous and it’s also very very true. Last week I … Continue reading

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EP61: Can your beer talk?

Twitter: Boags Beer Twitter: Gary Vaynerchuk Book: Thank You Economy Book: Crush It

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EP60: When I learned to build

(Monday 1:20am) I’ve been lying in bed staring at the ceiling for a few hours with a few big ideas in my head. I remembered another time I couldn’t get to sleep, back in 2007. Mazz (life long best mate) … Continue reading

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Ep. 58: Path 2.0

Path 2.0 Video Links Shawn Fanning Dave Morin (Twitter) Path (Wikipedia)

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Ep. 54: The Awesome List V1.1

//////////////////////////////////////////// Download the pdf. here NH_AwesomeListV1.1 //////////////////////////////////////////// Tips: 1. Fill it out the night before; 2. Do the Other Tasks first; 3. If you don’t finish the Important Tasks, move them to the next day; 4. BE SPECIFIC! 5. Break … Continue reading

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