Movember 2011 – Donate!

For three years I’ve been taking part in the annual Movember challenge. The challenge being to grow a mustache in November to “raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health”. This year I’ve joined the Hope For Burke team and 20 mins ago I had raised a grand total of $0. After a couple of Tweets I’m now up to $43, but there’s a bit of a way to go if I want to beat the guy on top ($230).

Help me kick the other guys ass and donate to a great cause at the same time.

Donate here:

At 4:54pm 22/11/11 sitting on $84.00
At 4:58pm 22/11/11 sitting on $133.00

Thanks everyone.

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Foundation: Kevin Rose w/ Chris Sacca

Firstly, if you’re at all interested in the “tech, start-up, entrepreneurial” world, you will get a hell-of-a-lot out of the show Foundation (couch interviews with founders of  tech companies & investors).

Re: this video. I actually began to watch this a few weeks ago, but bailed a few minuets in because I wasn’t really interested in hearing about investing. I’ve just given it another go and now I’m really down. Chris Sacca is an investor in Twitter, Instagram & Of all the people I’ve heard talk about investing, I think Chris has his head screwed on the right way. With out going into massive detail, there is a point in the interview when Kevin asks him what he looks for in a person when he is considering investing. He lists really practical stuff that makes sense & I think is being overlooked right now:

• Plays sport (balanced life)
• Has worked a shit job (appreciates what they have)
• Has traveled or lived o/s (humble)

All really great points, and nail on the head as far as I’m concerned. My two cents would be that these kind of things aren’t being talked about at the moment as ‘value-ads’ to businesses when I reckon the should be the whole base. Pizza base.


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Thank you Steve

Thank you Steve Jobs for living life on your own terms, continuing to always push the boundaries of what is possible and for showing people how businesses should be run.

“Legacy is always greater than currency” – Gary Vaynerchuk

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EPISODE 43: If your audience doesn’t get it, its bad design. Period.

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EPISODE 25: Designers CAN change the world

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EPISODE 19: Email reply – Uni vs. Tafe?

I would love to hear your thoughts on which is better for studying graphic/communication design. Or are you a bit 50/50 like me?

Comment below or email me your thoughts

Here is a twitter reply from Peter Borg, a friend of mine, who thinks the same way!

More twitter feedback from @dooweeeh

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EPISODE 15: Maths, Geometry & Design

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